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Enabling PNT at All Threat Levels Paper presented at GVSETS


GPS Source, Inc. is pleased to announce Robert Horton, CEO, presented a paper titled Enabling PNT at All Threat Levels during the Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium (GVSETS) in Dearborn, Michigan on August 10, 2017.

PUEBLO, Colorado (August 2017) GPS Source announced that Robert Horton, CEO, spoke at the Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium (GVSETS) in Dearborn, Michigan on August 10, 2017. The three-day symposium sponsored by National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) included the topic of military vehicle electronics and architecture as well as others. Salient points during these seminars suggested that military applications have become over reliant upon GPS technology. The issue has moved well beyond navigation, creating a situation in which peer and near peer adversaries could adversely impact the Warfighter’s ability to execute their mission. Mr. Horton echoed this sentiment and reiterated the risk associated with reliance on GPS.

Mr. Horton, speaking at the symposium said, “GPS has become indispensable to today’s warfighter. Having accurate PNT is fundamental to our forces’ ability to maintain initiative, coordinate movement, and target fires.” He also said, “It is clear that solely relying on GPS is not a viable course of action for long term sustainability” and offered a clear option to enable PNT assurance at all threat levels within the military ground vehicle community. Mr. Horton provided insight associated with the challenge of developing a PNT assurance capability and the benefits of “Sensor Fusion” using resources such as a Chip Scale Atomic Clock, Inertial Navigation System (INS) and existing vehicle data sources such as a vehicle Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus to implement and field PNT Assurance.

GPS Source’s CEO also communicated that a cost effective strategy could be adopted by a joint industry/Government team for the implementation of PNT Assurance. Collaborating with others in the Defense industry, GPS Source has self-funded the development of a comprehensive, integrated solution called SENTRySCOUT. SENTRySCOUT combines multiple technologies to validate the GPS signal. When GPS fails validation, for example, in a GPS challenged environment, the SENTRySCOUT can generate a valid digital signal conveying accurate positioning, navigation, and timing data to a vehicle’s electronic clients for an extended period enabling the Warfighter to execute the mission and return to a friendly environment in which GPS is not challenged.

For more information about SENTRySCOUT and how it can help support PNT assurance in a ground vehicle platform or a copy of the white paper GPS Source presented at GVSETS, contact Kurt Williams, Director of Sales & Marketing at GPS Source.

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