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Assured PNT Inside Military Ground Vehicles Using D3

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has become an integral part of Mission Command systems and military ground vehicle architectures. It plays an important role in the successful execution of tactical missions. The term “GPS” conveys positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) data, data that is essential in virtually every modern weapon system. Precision timing provides joint forces the capability to synchronize operations and communications. PNT also enables precision attack from stand-off distances, reducing collateral damage and allowing friendly forces to avoid threat areas. 

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Applications for the GLI-FLO PNT Hub

One decade of persistent conflict has yielded significant advances in communications and battlefield management tools fielded by US and allied forces. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has been implemented in areas never previously envisioned, including tactical radios, laptop computers, laser range finders, and smart phones. The introduction of SAASM capability in the early ‘90’s significantly reduced the threat of spoofing or jamming of the GPS frequencies, further enabling these beneficial applications.

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Guided Munitions

GPS retransmission systems have successfully been utilized in combat since 2004 to provide live wireless signals to commercial and military GPS receivers inside volumes where a clear view of the sky is unavailable. Successful examples include military free fall (MFF), precision aerial resupply (JPADS), air and ground assault, and ground vehicle patrols (DAGR, Land Warrior). GPS retransmission systems have been successfully employed on a range of platforms, including C-130, C-17, CH-47, MH-60, HMMWV, Stryker, Bradley, and more.

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Recent Press


Robert Horton, CEO, presented a paper titled Enabling PNT at All Threat Levels during the Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium (GVSETS). GPS Source has self-funded the development of a comprehensive, integrated solution called SENTRySCOUT.  SENTRySCOUT combines multiple technologies to validate the GPS signal.

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GPS Source, Inc. is pleased to announce they have been selected by a Scandinavian multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company to supply GPS rackmount splitters for their new tech centers.

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