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E-FLO-G Developers Kit

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E-FLO-G Developers Kit
A complete set of tools that allow an integrator to incorporate E-FLO-G into a mix of communication, control and ISR equipment.

E-FLO-G tethers to a DAGR via a custom cable from GPS Source and utilizes the DAGR’s internal GPS Receiver. It is a cost-effective way to distribute secure GPS (PNT) data to multiple applications and devices, without using multiple DAGRs. E-FLO-G will multiply by four the AN/PSN-13A DAGR output data, and fully support IS-GPS-153. 

*E-FLO-G is also available without an internal GB-GRAM, which requires tethering to an external DAGR.

Receiving secure PNT data and distributing to multiple devices is simple when using FLOtalkTM software, This custom designed software has an easy to use graphical interface, allowing each port on the E-FLO-G to be configured for any GPS/PNT (IS-GPS-153 compliant) enabled device. A DAGR to PC cable is included, supplying immediate interoperability between E-FLO-G and a standard PC unit.

Technical Support
10 Hours of support included.  Contact us for other cost-effective support services plans.

Kit Includes

  • E-FLO-G
  • FLOtalkTM software
  • Technical Reference Manual
  • DAGR AC Power Adapter
  • L1/L2 Active Antenna
  • DAGR to Remote Antenna Cable
  • DAGR to PC Cable


E-FLO-G Brochure

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