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RF Bias-T

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The GPS Bias Tee is used to supply DC voltage to the center conductor of a coaxial cable. The bias tee is used to provide power to antennas, amplifiers and other RF networked devices. It is available with a built-in regulated power supply allowing users to use standard AC power or unregulated coarse power supplies to create a set voltage with very low noise and ripple. It can be configured with a variable option to provide voltage over a predetermined a range. It can also be configured with a direct DC connection to the coaxial center conductor allowing users to connect power supplies of their choosing.

Key Features

  • Passes GPS, Galileo & GLONASS L1/L2
  • Excellent Flatness | L1 - L2 | < 2 dB
  • Waterproof / EMI Sealed Option
  • Mil-Spec 1275 Spike & Surge Protection Option
  • CE Certified

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