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New Facility Opening In Colorado Springs

GPS Source to open new high-tech engineering and manufacturing facility in Colorado Springs


Enabling PNT at All Threat Levels

GPS Source CEO Robert Horton presented a whitepaper titled "Enabling PNT at All Threat Levels" during the Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium

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GPS Source Receives Security Approval For SAASM

The Enhanced D3 (ED3) and Enhanced FLO-G (E-FLO-G) with integrated SAASM receivers have received Global Positioning Systems Directorate security approval


The Path To M-Code

The Enhanced D3 offers the unique ability to upgrade from SAASM to M-Code while integrating to the existing vehicle architecture and components

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Assured PNT Solutions

GPS Sources’ family of PNT distribution products represents the most advanced, cost effective and comprehensive solution available on the market to support Department of Defense’s GPS modernization efforts

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Now A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of General Dynamics Mission Systems

We Make GPS Live Inside

We offer GNSS signal availability, whenever, wherever, however your business or application may need it! With a product line includes GPS/GNSS antennas, LNA, splitters, line amplifiers, filters, cabling, and repeater kits & hoods, we have the expertise to address all of your GNSS signal availability needs. View All Products

Military GPS Retransmission

We offer GPS Retransmission Systems designed for the military enabling GPS coverage within any ground vehicle, aircraft, or hanger. This provides Warfighters with satellite connectivity and situational awareness prior to dismounting a vehicle or exiting an aircraft.

Our Military GPS Retransmission Systems

Military GPS Components

We have extensive experience in the development and manufacture of combat-proven GPS components for military aircraft, ground vehicles, and missile systems.

Our Military GPS Components

Commercial GPS Components

We offer a full line of Commercial GPS signal distribution products, GPS retransmission products and design services for GPS/GNSS infrastructure. The products are used in a variety of industries and applications - computer networks, test ranges, telecommunication base systems and more.

Our Commercial GPS Components

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